What to expect from your first visit

At first contact (usually by phone) an appointment is made with one of our practitioners, usually within days and every effort is made to accommodate the patients’ needs.

All patients are asked to complete a patient registration form and sign a self explanatory consent form. Chaperones are able to attend during treatment if desired

A full case history will be taken at the initial consultation, taking information specifically on the problem you come with and your past medical history. It will also touch on lifestyle and current health issues.

A full examination will then need to be undertaken for which you may be asked to dress down to your underwear so that movement of joints can be observed. Special tests including neurological and abdominal tests may be carried out, on occasion further tests may need to be obtained from your GP such as X-rays or blood tests. Permission to contact your GP will always be asked for before doing so.

Once a diagnosis has been reached, your practitioner will explain and discuss treatment options as well as your expected prognosis. Your consent will be requested before treatment commences.